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Books, books and more books

Book publishers have formed an important part of Prufrock's client base since our formation in 2000. Our clients have ranged from huge household names to small specialists. We have had a hand in the production of over 300 titles, with our contribution covering the following tasks:

Thank you so much for doing this so quickly. I think it looks fabulous and I am going to send it over to the authors to have a look at.

We've covered a huge range of subject matter. Most of what we've done falls broadly under:

but the list would be very long if we included everything we have worked on or would consider working on. Try us!

I've had a quick look through, and it looks great – the para numbering is now correct. I am very impressed that this is the editor's first attempt at our styling! He's done a great job!

We can use our experience to ensure you get the work you want done within your budget.