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Structuring the past

As well as using XML in the normal course of preparing some books for typesetting, we have developed a particular specialism in structuring content to allow repurposing in multiple formats. A well-known regulatory body used Prufrock to take their lengthy regulations, the core of their activities, and move them from a legacy file format used for typsesetting in the past to an XHTML format that would allow them to publish the data on the web and update it more regularly.

The original files were formatted extensively, but a large amount of the formatting was not semantic and was thus irrelevant to the project in hand. We worked to preserve as much of the information in the files as was possible. The end result was a website that was extensible, and yet closely followed the existing layout style which was part of the strong identity of the organisation.

The work you did for us is superb and proving absolutely invaluable. Thanks very much for your hard work on it. It is appreciated.

Structuring information draws on our technical skills in data transformation, with the added benefit of our advanced understanding of texts and textual integrity.